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Employee On boarding and Off boarding


Automate the process of  employee onboarding and  off boarding.

Wizard that simplifies operations:

master data creation; preparation of what you need for a new employee joining the company, including:

·  Activation of the material preparation processes and equipment to be delivered (eg: PC, Phone, Tablet, Company Car, etc.)

·  Request activation of all accounts for enterprise applications, email, etc.

·  Reservation of training courses

·  Assignment and arrangement of the workplace

·  Document archiving (e.g .employment contract)



















All tasks (eg: the PC preparation) are assigned to the personnel responsible for performing them and are governed by specific workflows so that they are carried out on time, before the arrival of the new employee.

Wizard that activates the outboarding process and helps:

·  to make the correct return of all the company 's equipment assigned to the employee;

·  turn off all business account assigned to the employee, the email address, etc.;

·  Document archiving ,e.g.: resignation,etc

All activities are assigned to the personnel in charge and are governed by specific workflows to be made on time, before the employee leaving or immediately after.

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