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Self HR Portal


Drastically reduce calls to the service center and deliver a modern digital workplace experience with the intuitive self-service Portal that allows employees to search knowledge and policies, log and track their cases, and book appointments with HR. Keep your confidential data safe and audited with the necessary security controls.

An HR service catalog presents employees with pre‑defined services such as benefits or employee relations items. Once requests are submitted through the HR service catalog, cases are automatically assigned to a designated human resources specialist or team for fulfillment. Integrated reporting provides insight into volume, types of requests, and individual workloads so that HR management can align services and resources, and identify opportunities to improve both services and HR operations. Make work life more life like. Accurate profiling of access: everyone sees only what he is allowed.


















Employees with HR Portal can:

. Find information on business procedures and other relevant documents;

. Request services or assets, book courses, and activate various authorization processes (eg vacation request, transfers, etc.)

. Find news and corporate messages

. Access to information media content (eg, videos, etc.)

. Use Omnia social features to find support / tutoring

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