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"Omnia meets the business requirements of fast times, the advice is to organize the IT to embrace this opportunity"



We are pleased to be able to publish the interview between our COO Susi Vitale to the IT manager Domenico Castaldo of INWIT.


SV: Tell me about INWIT

DC: Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane S.p.A.(INWIT)is part of the Telecom Italy Group  and operates in Italy in the field of infrastructure for electronic communications, specifically those dedicated to the hospitality of radio transmitting equipment, telecommunications and broadcasting of television and radio signals. Revenues of INWIT amount to approximately 84 million euro in 3Q16.


SV: For what needs have you started to experiment Omnia?

DC: We needed a BPM equipped with a DB with excellent scalability and capacity, Omnia met these needs.


SV: Why did you decide to later extend its use?

DC: We started with some simple processes that got later complicated: Omnia followed us in our evolution, and today we are expanding it into other business processes


SV: We have never delivered courses to your users;  how did you get organized to train them?

DC: You have supported us with manuals and for every local area we have identified a contact person that would be a 'kiosk' to which all the area colleagues may refer for any need.


SV: One thing that has always struck me is the speed with which you collect requirements from the business, you send them to our development team of Omnia, and test results. How do you operate?

DC: In IT we are just two people and we live together with the operational lines; in addition both of us have a very long experience in IT, which allows us to anticipate the needs and share solutions with our business lines. The implementation times on Omnia are fast, and then we can test the results soon after the agreement with the Business Lines and this increases the chances of success of our work


SV: A tip for those who want to experiment Omnia?

DC: “Omnia meets the business requirements of fast times, the advice is to organize the IT to embrace this opportunity”

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