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Business Application


Omnia is a single unified platform with everything you need to build, innovate or extend enterprise applications (ERP,CRM, Supply Chain, and so on) fast and without risks.

All the new developments on Omnia can be available immediately on desktop and on the most common mobile devices , and with a truly intuitive interface for all kind of users.

Our customers build and innovate their enterprise applications. They use Omnia to simplify employee’s job and build applications to leverage and give efficiency to all data and communications normally lost in a plethora of emails and spreadsheets. Developing or maintaining an application in Omnia is up to 10x faster than conventional software development or packaged software configuration.

Omnia can also “wrap” any application allowing our newest mobile and social capabilities to be the interface for presenting information and writing back to those systems.  You can preserve any software investment until there’s a clear outside justification to replace them. This is easily possible because Omnia can integrate itself, thanks to an integration engine, with other systems pre-existing in the enterprise  such as  ERP,  CRM, Supply Chain, and so on

Omnia allows high value digitalization. Omnia creates new connections between people, things, digital tools, processes, technologies and systems in order to allow a continuous improvement of products and services. It can connect with RFID, IoT, social networks, etc. to automate activities and provide high value Analytics data for the business users.



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