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We don't leave you alone




We will help you reach your targets in delivering Omnia BPM in your organization using a fast, effective, agile approach.

Our Methodology is based on a "Start Small, Think Big" approach, which will let you reach your short term objectives, with a long term vision.

Omnia BPM Professional Services can let you adopt Omnia BPM quickly and effectively (typical project length: 30 days).

Whether you want to design, monitor or automate your processes, or you need a Case Management Solution, or you want to implement our Accelerators: our expert consultants will provide you high value.


Training Services

 Get BPM and Process Design foundations
 Learn our exclusive Activity First methodology
 Take all the needed expertise to implement and administer Omnia BPM
 Deliver knowledge to your users with courses designed to your needs
 Use our coaching services to get an effective knowledge transfer based on real, practical activities
 All our trainers are real consultants, involved in real projects, with a practical and not only theorical viewpoint



Customer Support


You re not left alone with Omnia BPM: we are with you!

Our customer support services are available to provide you help in your daily use of Omnia BPM.

Whether you reach us by phone or using our dedicated Self Help online facility, all your requests are readily recorded and managed by the most appropriate technical experts to solve your problems according with defined SLAs.

We provide on demand services as well as scheduled maintenance services, in order to appropriately manage your platform and perform scheduled, maintenance activities.

All your requests are recorded in our "Omnia BPM" based service desk solution: we use Omnia BPM to support Omnia BPM!



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