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The Omnia Smart Applications are available either on Premise or in Cloud.

Omnia BPM enables to design, automate, orchestrate and monitor all business processes, as well as integrate the performance metrics with the Business and Technical models and the infrastructure in order to give global visibility and enable proactive impact and root cause analysis.

Easy to use also for non-IT employees, it allows to rapidly build through drag-and-drop functionality.

Omnia BPM uses a model driven approach to let configure any type of Business Application with a web or a mobile interface.

Native process repository captures and stores process models for rapid reuse.

Real-time management tools monitor in-flight processes, re-assign tasks and view performance.

Simple, real-time and global visibility provides granular tracking of process, task progress and allows continuous process improvement.

Social collaboration across people, processes, and systems drives awareness on bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Only Omnia  governs  Business processes lifecycle and integrate the process repository with the Enterprise Architecture, the Service Model and the CMDB in order to support an unprecedented view of the enterprise model across business silos. Its exclusive methodology, which intrinsically supports also completely unstructured processes, is resilient to any change, and enables the enterprise to be  rapidly adaptive and improve Business Outcomes. This offers high performance and throughput because enables activities to occur in parallel and to concentrate on DO and not only on the processes of the enterprise.


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